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Focus on safety, fun & fitness

Welcome to  AquaSafe Swim Programs.
We provide swim lessons at Sandwich High School in Sandwich MA.  
We provide coaching for children and adults of all ages and abilities. 
You can start with our baby swim lessons.  Join us in the pool.

Our year-round program is committed to providing you and your family with an environment  that will instill a lifelong love of swimming. We teach more than just swimming at AquaSafe. Our swimmers also learn values that will serve them in life. Our mission is for our swimmers to learn the values of community service, fortitude and integrity while having fun and feeling safe in their sport. Our program begins with baby classes that will introduce your child to water safety skills as young as 6 months old.  We are the home of the Cape Cod Firefish. Our USA competitive swim team puts the focus on proper technique and fitness.  


Our coaches help to instill the values we find important at AquaSafe: community service, fortitude, integrity, FUN. We also offer an Adult Swim Workout for parents who want to gain endurance and work on technique.   We offer private swim lessons for children and adults that have special needs or extreme fears. We offer clinics and kid triathlons throughout the year to share our passion with our swimmers. Our enthusiasm for what we do is infectious...please join us and swim for your life!

General Information:
Sandwich Contact:
Sandwich High School

Connor Devers

(774) 504-1544

365 Quaker Meetinghouse Rd

East Sandwich, MA 


Plymouth Contact:
Village Sports Club

Michelle Smollett

30 Golf Dr

Plymouth, MA


Lakeville Contact:

Michelle Smollett

George R Austin Intermediate School

112 Howland Rd

Lakeville, MA 


FireFish Swim Team:
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Adult Programs Contact:

Ross Mooney

(774) 319-1652

Fall 2023 Registration Update
Hi all!

We wanted to inform everyone how registration for the Fall Sessions at SHS will work this fall. SHS has approved our schedule for the Fall, and lessons will begin on 09/11!


1. The Fall session will be split into 2 parts: Fall 1, scheduled to run from 09/11-10/21, and Fall 2 scheduled for 10/22-11/22. No class days for Fall 1 will be 10/09. No class days for Fall 2 will be 11/10, and 11/11, and 11/12. We have split the session so it is not cost-prohibitive & can provide class opportunities for those who are only available later in the fall!

2. Registration for each Fall session will cost $0 for all returning members, and $15 for new members. There is an annual $15 registration fee which may apply to members who have been with us longer than a year. By registering, you will be reserving a class slot for that session. Please note- Fall 1 & 2 must be registered separately, and do not automatically carry over. 

3. Each class will cost $30. You may use the orange button above to reach our registration platform!

Classes are now available for registration. Thank you all for your patience- we look forwards to serving you!!

AquaSafe Staff


Hi everyone! Our registration website update is complete! All classes should be available for display & registration. The link has updated, so click the button above and bookmark the new address! If something looks amiss, please send us an email. Thank you!

Pool Closure Policy:
In the event of severe weather or pool closure/cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, every effort will be made to reschedule the class. If the schedule or instructor coverage does not allow for a makeup class, the class will be made up with a family swim time. Refunds are not given. We may offer a class credit on your account if no other option is available Prolonged closure will be dealt with on an individual basis. Please check here regularly for cancellations or pool closures.

Family Swim Time:  Come and swim with your entire family. Let them show you all their tricks.Play is the work of the child!

NOTE:   If your child is tiny tot, tadpole, turtle, superfish he/she MUST have an adult in the water with them fro family Swim Time.  They will not be allowed to swim during Family Swim Time without an adult in the water.​

Missed Class Policy

If your child misses a class due to illness or other activities--we do not offer make up classes or refunds. Our classes are built with safety in mind. We cannot allow a swimmer who is not registered for a class to show up and participate in a different swim class. It is not safe. If your child misses three consecutive classes due to a medical issue, we will credit you if you have a doctor's note. Thanks for understanding safety is our priority.

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