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Falmouth Swim Team

AquaSafe Swim Programs is the home of the Falmouth Swim Team.  Our swim team is an extension of our instructional program.  We put the emphasis on fun and fitness.  Swimmers learn correct technique and form for all strokes.  We incorporate games and water sports into our program.  They will be introduced to water polo, synchronized swimming and sharks & minnows!

Mini Meets

Our swim team holds a mini meet once a month.  We do our mini meet at the Atria Woodbriar.  Each swimmer receives a ribbon with their time for their event.  They can compare their times each month to see how they have gained fitness and improved thier technique.  They are swimming to improve their personal time every month.  We want each swimmer to focus on their growth and improvement throughout the year.  We celebrate improvements and achievements at our Swim Team Banquet in June.

Swim Team Banquet

We hold a Swim Team Banquet in June of every year.  Our banquet recognizes the swimmers who have improved the most in each stroke throughout the year.  We also recognize those swimmers who have exemplified good sportsmandship and strong work ethic.  We throw in a few comic awards to recognize special personalities and incidents throughout the year's swim season!  

 Synchro Techniques w/ Leslie

Fun at the Swim Team Banquet 2012

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