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Triathlon Team

Our goal is to make triathlon a part of our swimmers' vocabulary at a young age while keeping it FUN and SAFE. 
Triathlon  is a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Let Trish and Kelly  share their experience and enthusiasm as competitive triathletes with your children!  
Trish is a 5x Ironman Finisher.  She still competes in the sprint and olympic distance triathlons.  
Kelly  was on the triathlon team at Auburn University and qualified for Nationals while she competed there.
We will meet each trathlete at their level.  If they are beginner--we will help them gain confidence and skills.
If they are more experienced--we will help build their knowledge and skill base.  We may provide extra support and training as needed.  Trish and Kelly have access to triathletes of all abilities to help develop each triathlete.
Our triathletes will be taught stretches and drills to help them warm up and to help prevent injuries.  We will teach them about the sport of triathlon.  They  will be taught how to set up their gear in their transition area and the tricks to a fast transition.  They will also learn skills that are specific to open water swimming.  We will talk about bike handling and safety while having FUN on our bike rides.
                               will be supporting us by providing paddleboards for our lifeguards and bike support on our bike rides.  Cape Cod Seasports is located on Route 132 in Hyannis.  Their motto is "We live what we love."  They truly do.  Please visit them and learn about their weekly bike rides that leave from the shop.  They can also support you with bike maintanence and wetsuit needs!!
INCLEMENT WEATHER: We will provide an alternative indoor session in the case of inclement weather.  Part of our curriculum will include mental toughness strategies, stretching and flexibility and transition skills.  These are all skills that can be taught and trained indoors. 

SUMMER 2018!!!!



Note:  We may change times a bit depending on who signs up.  We will group athletes according to their ability and experience.

Most weeks we will meet at Lawrence Pond in Sandwich.  We will also meet at other locations.  It will be communicated each week. 

COST:  $150

BONUS GIFT: Triathletes will receive an                      customized with AquaSafe/Firefish logo as a gift on the first day of practice.

This is a $35 value AND it will keep you safe when swimming!


1. Triathletes  must be GOLD SQUAD OR ABOVE to sign up.

2.  Triathletes must be able to swim 200 yards in the open water confidently and effortlessly.  Swimmers will be screened at the pond on the first day.  If swimmer cannot meet the requirement -money will be refunded.  This is completely up to Trish's discretion.  NO EXCEPTIONS/SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT.

3.  Triathletes must have a bike in good working order that is safe to ride.  It does not have to be a road bike--it can be a mountain bike.

4.  Triathletes must have a helmet that fits properly.

5.  Triathletes must share any medical or behavioral issues with Trish and Kelly that may interfere with participating safely in the Firefish Triathlon Team.

6.  Triathletes must have cap and goggles to swim.

7.  Female triathletes must wear a one piece bathing suit for ALL open water swim practices.

8.  Running shoes in good condition.

2012 Kid's Triathlon

2013 Kid's Triathlon

Here are some pictures of our Kid's Triathlons in Falmouth.  Our triathlons were held at Trunk River Beach in Falmouth.  We swam in the ocean.  The bike and run were held on the Shining Sea Bike Path.  Lots of pride and lots of smiles!!!
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