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Class Levels

Infant & Toddler Classes:

These classes require an adult in the water with each child.  They are an introduction to swimming.  We use songs, games and play to teach your child beginning swim skills.  Parents, be prepared to sing, dance and smile while teaching your child to be safe and comfortable in the pool. 

Tiny Tot:  6-18 months

Tadpoles:  19-36 months *Backpack floatation is used in this class 


Toddler Classes:

​Backpack flotation is used in this class.  The swimmers in this class must be independent with a backpack. They must have experience in the tadpole class or with backpack floatation before joining this class.  Toddlers are in the water without a parent for this class. They must be able to follow directions and feel confident in the water to participate in this class.  

Turtles:  2-4 years old


Beginner Classes:

This level is for 4 year olds and older who cannot swim independently yet.  We are teaching them to float on their tummy, float on their back, dive for rings underwater.  We teach them to jump into deep water and get to the side on their own.  We know they cannot swim yet, we use noodles and barbells to teach them the skills they need to swim independently.  

Superfish:  generally 4-7 years old

Intermediate Level:

This level is for those who have reached all the goals of the superfish level.  They need to be able to swim accross the pool consistently and confidently on their stomach with their face in the water.  They need to be able to float on their back.  They need to be able to jump in deep water and get to the side on their own.  

Dolphin:  generally 5-8 years old

Advanced  Level:

This level is for those that have reached all the goals of Dolphin.  In the advanced  level swimmers begin to learn the mechanics of bilateral breathing.  They are learning all 4 strokes: butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke and front crawl.  Swimmers will gain greater endurance at this level.

Silver and Gold Squad: generally 6-12 years old

Our Cape Cod Firefish Swim Team is for those that have reached all the goals of Gold Squad.  It is a USA Competitive  swim team.  The emphasis is on stroke technique.  Contact Head Coach Ben VanDyk for more information.  Please visit our Firefish Swim Team website for more details.


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